The Best Of The Grateful Dead (Live) [Remastered]

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The Best Of The Grateful Dead (Live) [Remastered] 2:33:24 30,00 €
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1 St. Stephen (Live at The Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA 2-27-69) (Remastered) 06:39 192/24 Album only
2 Bertha (Live at The Fillmore East, New York, NY 4-27-71) (Remastered) 05:43 192/24 Album only
3 Wharf Rat (Live at The Fillmore East, New York, NY 4-26-71) (Remastered) 08:32 192/24 Album only
4 Sugar Magnolia (Live at The Olympia Theatre, Paris France 5-4-72) (Remastered) 07:11 192/24 Album only
5 Jack Straw (Live at The Olympia Theatre, Paris France 5-3-72) (Remastered) 04:50 192/24 Album only
6 Truckin' (Live at Lyceum Theatre, London, England 5-26-72) (Remastered) 13:07 192/24 Album only
7 Morning Dew (Live at Lyceum Theatre, London, England 5-26-72) (Remastered) 11:28 192/24 Album only
8 Brown-Eyed Women (Live at Tivoli Concert Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark 4-14-72) (Remastered) 04:40 192/24 Album only
9 The Music Never Stopped (Live at The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA 8-13-75) (Remastered) 05:28 44.1/24 Album only
10 Estimated Prophet (Live at Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 5-8-77) (Remastered) 08:44 192/24 Album only
11 Friend Of The Devil (Live at Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY 10-27-80) (Remastered) 07:32 192/24 Album only
12 Feel Like A Stranger (Live at the Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA 10-4-80) (Remastered) 05:46 192/24 Album only
13 Fire On The Mountain (Live at Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY 10-31-80) (Remastered) 06:47 192/24 Album only
14 Bird Song (Live 1980) (Remastered) 07:38 192/24 Album only
15 Ripple (Live at the Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA 10-4-80) (Remastered) 04:28 192/24 Album only
16 Eyes Of The World (Live at Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY 3-29-90) (Remastered) 16:16 192/24 Album only
17 Touch Of Grey (Live at Rich Stadium, Orchard Park, NY 7-4-89) (Remastered) 06:31 96/24 Album only
18 Blow Away (Live at John F. Kennedy Stadium, Philadelphia, PA 7-7-89) (Remastered) 12:21 96/24 Album only
19 So Many Roads (Live at Soldier Field, Chicago, IL 7-9-95) (Remastered) 09:35 44.1/24 Album only

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The Grateful Dead forged its legend on the road, traveling countless miles between 1965 and 1995 to perform a world record 2,318 shows for millions of devoted fans. The band's refusal to ever play a song the same way twice has endeared generations of fans, many of whom prefer certain live versions of songs over their studio counterparts, and garnered the popular phrase among Dead Heads: "There is nothing like a Grateful Dead concert."

Made for die-hard Dead Heads and new fans alike, THE BEST OF THE GRATEFUL DEAD LIVE is the ultimate live collection, a two-disc set with recordings selected from the band's official live albums on Warner Bros. and Arista, plus a few tracks from their many archival live releases, beginning with "St. Stephen" - from the group's first official live album, 1969's Live/Dead - and ending with the poignant "So Many Roads," taken from the band's final concert at Chicago's Soldier Field in July of 1995

We wanted to follow up the 2015 The Best Of The Grateful Dead studio set with a live counterpart, and have focused our efforts on the band's primary live albums as well as some key tracks from archival concert releases," says band archivist and producer David Lemieux. "Just as there was nothing like a Grateful Dead concert, there is also nothing like a live Grateful Dead recording; it's no secret that as good as the Dead's studio recordings were, they excelled in front of an audience, and this set provides an overview of just how great the Dead were live in concert."

The live albums the band released during its 30-year career are the primary source for the collection, including tracks like "Bertha" from Grateful Dead (Skull & Roses) (1971), "Fire On The Mountain" from Dead Set (1981), and "The Music Never Stopped" from One From the Vault (1991). A testament to its ongoing popularity, the revered double-album Europe '72 (1972), is represented by no less than five tracks, including "Sugar Magnolia," "Jack Straw" and a searing rendition of "Morning Dew." 

Other performances on the set were selected from the growing number of live releases that have emerged since the death of founding member Jerry Garcia in 1995. Some of those recordings include "Touch Of Grey" from Truckin' Up To Buffalo (2005), a 1990 version of "Eyes Of The World" with saxophonist Branford Marsalis featured on Wake Up To Find Out (2014), and "Estimated Prophet," which debuted earlier this year as part of Cornell 5/8/77, a recording of the Grateful Dead's mythic show at Cornell University in 1977, thought by many to be the band's greatest live performance.