Physical Graffiti (Deluxe Edition)

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Physical Graffiti (Deluxe Edition) 2:04:24 29,00 €
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# Track Title Dauer Format Auflösung Preis
1 Custard Pie 04:16 96/24 Album only
2 The Rover 05:39 96/24 Album only
3 In My Time Of Dying 11:08 96/24 Album only
4 Houses Of The Holy 04:05 96/24 Album only
5 Trampled Under Foot 05:37 96/24 Album only
6 Kashmir 08:37 96/24 Album only
7 In The Light 08:48 96/24 Album only
8 Bron-Yr-Aur 02:07 96/24 Album only
9 Down By The Seaside 05:16 96/24 Album only
10 Ten Years Gone 06:35 96/24 Album only
11 Night Flight 03:38 96/24 Album only
12 The Wanton Song 04:09 96/24 Album only
13 Boogie With Stu 03:53 96/24 Album only
14 Black Country Woman 04:25 96/24 Album only
15 Sick Again 04:42 96/24 Album only
16 Brandy & Coke (Trampled Under Foot) (Initial-Rough Mix) 05:38 96/24 Album only
17 Sick Again (Early Version) 02:23 96/24 Album only
18 In My Time Of Dying (Initial-Rough Mix) 10:48 96/24 Album only
19 Houses Of The Holy (Rough Mix With Overdubs) 03:52 96/24 Album only
20 Everybody Makes It Through (In The Light) (Early Version-In Transit) 06:29 96/24 Album only
21 Boogie With Stu (Sunset Sound Mix) 03:40 96/24 Album only
22 Driving Through Kashmir (Kashmir Rough Orchestra Mix) 08:39 96/24 Album only

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Physical Graffiti (Deluxe Edition) arrives exactly 40 years after its debut, produced and newly remastered by Jimmy Page, with previously unreleased companion audio.

The deluxe edition of the group’s sixth studio album will arrive 40 years to the day after the original debuted on February 24, 1975. As with the previous deluxe editions, Physical Graffiti has been newly remastered by guitarist and producer Jimmy Page and is accompanied by a disc of companion audio comprising previously unreleased music related to the original release.

Certified 16x platinum in the U.S., the commercial success of Physical Graffiti was equaled by its critical reception. Generally regarded as one of the greatest double albums of all time, the original 15 tracks represent a creative tour de force that explores the band’s dynamic musical range, from the driving rock of “Custard Pie” and an acoustic arrangement of “Bron-Yr-Aur” to the Eastern raga of “Kashmir” and funky groove of “Trampled Under Foot.”

The companion audio disc that accompanies the deluxe edition of Physical Graffiti has seven unreleased tracks, including rough mixes of “In My Time Of Dying” and “Houses Of The Holy,” as well as an early mix of “Trampled Under Foot” called “Brandy & Coke.” All the unreleased companion tracks offer fans a chance to hear well-known songs from a different perspective, including the Sunset Sound mix of “Boogie With Stu” and “Driving Through Kashmir,” a rough orchestra mix of the band’s eight minute opus “Kashmir.” Also featured is “Everybody Makes It Through,” a strikingly different early version of “In The Light” with alternate lyrics.

In 1968, John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant formed Led Zeppelin, one of the most influential, innovative and successful groups in modern music. The band has sold more than 300 million albums worldwide with a celebrated catalog including such landmark songs as "Whole Lotta Love," "Kashmir," "Rock And Roll," "When The Levee Breaks" and "Stairway To Heaven." The band rose from the ashes of The Yardbirds, when Page brought in Plant, Bonham and Jones to tour as The New Yardbirds. In 1969, Led Zeppelin released its self-titled debut. It marked the beginning of a 12-year reign, during which the group was widely considered to be the biggest rock band in the world.

Led Zeppelin continues to be honored for its pivotal role in music history. The band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1995, received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005, and a year later was awarded with the Polar Music Prize in Stockholm. Founding members Jones, Page and Plant - along with Jason Bonham, the son of John Bonham - took the stage at London's O2 Arena in 2007 to headline a tribute concert for Ahmet Ertegun, a dear friend and Atlantic Records' founder. The band was honored for its lifetime contribution to American culture at the Kennedy Center Honors in 2012. In January of 2014, the band won their first ever Grammy award as Celebration Day, which captured their live performance at the Ertegun tribute concert, was named Best Rock Album.