About HDtracks

HDtracks is the premiere online music store for audiophiles who demand the best sounding music. It is our purpose to provide the largest online library of studio-quality high-resolution music downloads complete with liner notes.

We believe a great recording is not only the tracks of sound, but also the creative collaboration of composers, producers, musicians, recording engineers, annotation writers, and visual artists. We feel strongly that not only everyone involved in the creative process is recognized for their work, but that music consumers be able to learn about the people involved in the production of the music and therefore participate in a deeper understanding of the music. HDtracks provides audiophiles who demand the highest quality recordings with an online experience not available anywhere else.

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Meet the HDtracks Team

David Chesky, Co-Founder & CEO

David, besides being a tech head audiophile ( and a collector and lover of electrostatic speakers )  is a three-time Grammy nominee. David's works as a musician span both jazz and classical genres His operas, ballets, and orchestral works have been performed all around the world.. Also a pianist, David performs with his  group Jazz in the New Harmonic, an ensemble that performs a mixture of jazz and 12-tone contemporary classical works. David is also known worldwide as one of the leaders in the advancement of technological research on high-resolution recording techniques. He has produced hundreds of classical and jazz albums from artists as diverse as Peggy Lee, Astor Piazzolla, John Pizzarelli, Chuck Mangione, The Royal Philharmonic, and the great classical pianist Earl Wild.

David Chesky

Norman Chesky, Co-Founder & President

Norman Chesky is a pioneer in hi-res music and co-founded HDtracks in 2008, which today is the world’s largest digital store of high resolution music. HDtracks has deals in place with major labels - Sony Music, Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group - as well as major independent labels. He is also the co-founder of Chesky Records, an audiophile label which has produced Grammy award winning albums and features hundreds of recordings with artists including: McCoy Tyner, Paquito D’Rivera, David Johansen, Chuck Mangione and Ron Carter. Norman is also a current NY Chapter governor and former two term National Trustee for the Recording Academy which is known for the Grammy Awards.

Lisa Marks, SVP & General Counsel

Lisa Marks first started working for the Chesky brothers as their Director of Operations & Legal Affairs for their Chesky Records label.   In this capacity, she has handled all legal and royalties matters for the label in addition to managing overall operations.  Since the inception of HDtracks,  Ms. Marks has drafted, negotiated and implemented all of the content agreements with every major and independent label currently working with HDtracks, in addition to acting as senior liaison to ensure the smooth running of the business such that all business and legal obligations are met on both sides.  Ms. Marks is Sr. Vice President and General counsel for 3 companies owned and operated by Norman and David Chesky: HDtracks, Chesky Records, and Manhattan Production Music.   She earned her BA from SUNY Stonybrook and her JD from Brooklyn Law School. 

Key People


I work for Chesky Records and Manhattan Production Music as a recording and mastering engineer, editor, and producer. I have engineering history in jazz, blues, contemporary, and classical music and has been editing and mastering engineer for Chesky Records, one of the world's premier audiophile record labels since 1995 and recording all projects since 2005. He also has his own recording company True Sonix Inc. Ongoing projects include the Vermont Symphony Orchestra and Voices of Ascension.

HDtracks Studio


I have always been interested in numbers and my present position suits me perfectly. I am in charge all company accounting activities. My accomplishment for the day is preparing financial reports, collecting all payments due and remitting all bills in a timely fashion.

Customer Service


I am primarily responsible for engaging directly with our music loving customers both online as a technical support specialist, and in person, at our trade events in the US and Europe. At HDtracks, I am also the primary contact for our German speaking customers as well as the person behind our German language website, newsletters, and advertising. I have an M.A. in International Relations and used to live in Bonn, Germany, once home to Beethoven and Schumann. My instrument is the piano: I begged my parents for a piano for many years until they finally gave in and bought me a 1951 Lester when I was 12. Though I am not a professional musician, I consider myself to be a professional listener of classical music both past and contemporary.

HDtracks Team


I create the weekly newsletters for HDtracks in the U.S., Germany and United Kingdom. In addition to this, I upload content to the site and fix any minor problems we encounter.

Audio Team


Chesky Records label manager and marketing for HDtracks.


We're looking to ensure all files sold on the site are true to the format they are listed as on the site. All 24bit is tested to have true 24 ACTIVE bits so 16 bit upsamples can be identified. We also test to make sure the freq extends to 1/2 the sampling frequency nyquist in order to identify they are not coming from lower resolution recordings (96khz will extend to 48khz nyquist). 

For example, 96/24 albums are recorded, mixed, mastered all in 96/24 or above. Whenever any of these stages is lower than the encoded format we include descriptions on the album page to preserve the mastered quality as intended.

We also include any of the hi-res transfer, remixing, remastering information and source material used (original multi-tracks, eq'd master or copy) that can be obtained for 're-issue' titles.